October 12, 2018 OrthoSC

5 Steps to Teeth Cleaning You Should Know

A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist. If you’re one of them, you probably wait until you’ve got a bad toothache before you make an appointment. Kick that bad habit. Start by getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist. Here’s what you can expect.

Start with a physical exam

A dental hygienist often performs the teeth cleaning, the Healthline explains. Expect the hygienist to examine your entire mouth. Should the exam turn up any signs of gingivitis or potential issues and problems, your hygienist will let your dentist know. Once the dentist gives the go-ahead, then the cleaning will proceed.

Plaque and tartar removal starts

Your dentist will then check your teeth and even around your gum line for tartar and plaque. S/he will begin scraping them off. If you don’t like this part of the teeth cleaning process, then make things easier for your hygienist. Start flossing and brushing more since this will help keep plaque buildup which could lead to tartar deposits.

Cleaning with toothpaste

Once there aren’t any tartar in your teeth anymore, your teeth will be cleaned with a toothpaste. You may find the consistency of the paste gritty. That’s normal. The substance will help polish your teeth more, resulting in brighter, whiter teeth.

Expert flossing

An expert dental care provider knows how to floss your teeth expertly, getting in between teeth and finding trouble areas. They also know how to handle your teeth and gums to prevent injuries and bleeding.

Rinse and apply fluoride

Once all that’s done, you’ll need to rinse to get rid of any debris in your mouth. After that, fluoride is applied to your teeth. This will help protect your pearly whites from cavities for the next few months.

Start taking advantage of the benefits of having your teeth cleaned by an expert. Make an appointment with your dentist the soonest possible.