August 10, 2015 OrthoSC

8/10 Heffron Drive, Nicholas Ferroni and Dom DeAngelis

Hey, so it is Monday (Not So Funday) at the office. We got an emergency tweet from Heffron Drive fans over the weekend about Dustin Belt, 1/2 the group of Heffron Drive (along with Invisalign patient, Kendall Schmidt), needing to see a dentist as he broke a tooth! The horror set in. A popstar with a broken tooth? This could not stand! We got the SOS call from Dustin and swooped in for the rescue. We fixed him up and we Periscoped the experience! Then that afternoon, we had a visit from, Nicholas Ferroni. He is a former soap star (All My Children) turned history teacher from NJ who was dubbed 2014’s Hottest Teacher Alive by People Magazine. Being friends with Rob Ryan, our marketing director, he had to stop by and check us out while in LA. He will be transitioning to LA and will be making regular visits to the office. Lastly, Dominic “Dom” DeAngelis of Youtube fame came to the office for a bleaching. Having heard from fellow social media influencers like JC Caylen, The Gabbie Show and KMac; Dom decided it was time to come join the fun and see what we were all about. Playing on YouNow, while in the massage chair, Dom hummed the Star Wars theme song and took countless selfies! This was a fun day after all thanks to Dom, Nick and Heffron Drive’s Dustin.


-Rob Ryan

IMG_20150810_160158                    20150810-247960421

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