August 11, 2015 OrthoSC

A Q&A with Dr. Kathy on Balance

What is the most important factor in being a successful business woman?

To me, the most important factor in bring a successful business woman is BALANCE. As an owner of two different dental offices, as a single mother to two young children, and as a very adventurous and creative woman, the only way that I strive is by taking one step at a time towards balancing all aspects of my life.

What inspired you to open up a 2nd practice?

About a year ago I was inspired to open my second dental office in a very friendly and trendy neighborhood of studio city. I wanted to reinvent the experience of going to an “orthodontist” office. So the plans began and I enjoyed every moment of that creative pieces. From designing the office, to my new concept of only treating my patients with Invisalign, (because it works amazingly), to my very unconventional methods of marketing through social media, there were so many details that I had to work out.

How has the experience been thus far?

The journey has been exhilarating and the outcome has surpassed my own predictions. Every day I work in a beautiful Green space that I love, I have an amazing staff whom are creative, nice and fun but still very efficient, and patients that are happy and grateful.

What made you realize you needed to balance your life?

About 5 months ago my kids reminded me of the most important thing that I was ignoring, BALANCE. They reminded me that the second office was my idea not theirs, but it has taken me away from them. It was pointed out that it has been hard for me to stay present and enjoy them as blessings that they are. They also mentioned that this makes them both sad and mad.

How did you adapt to make your personal and professional life more balanced? So I did what works for my family. I planned a big, adventurous trip. That’s just my way of shifting the energy. Nothing like a place with no wifi and crazy adventures, to bring the family back together. Nothing like love to put life in perspective and keep you balanced. As with almost all the other problems in life, the solutions are within us. We just need to quiet our minds, so we can hear the answers.




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