Dr. Kathy being Social!

When Dr. Kathy is not busy creating beautiful smiles with Invisalign in Los Angeles, traveling the world, or spending time with her family; she is getting her name around town! Here are some cool things featuring Dr. Kathy and the office.


Here is a Buzzfeed Video shot at the office talking about teeth whitening and what it entails. Dr. Kathy sat down to address any and all questions before the “Test Friends” got cracking and trying teeth whitening in Los Angeles, CA! While they were spontanious and


Youtube’s IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh)

Here is the a series of Vlogs of Youtube’s IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh) as she comes in to get her aligners! While there are more vlogs that mention her treatment, these ones include Dr. Kathy! The coolest thing is that she does this every day and as she does so, she gets to share her experience of Invisalign and how is blends into her day to day life!

Bobby Mares

Youtuber and photographer, Bobby Mares stopped by the office to Vlog his experience of getting his teeth whitened with his girlfriend Mercades Danielle! He had heard great things about Dr. Kathy and Studio City Orthodontist and decided to check it out. While he didn’t get to meet Dr. Kathy, he did get to experience the office and white pretty teeth.

When people are not filming at the office, they are usually taking to their Twitters, Instagrams and Snapchats to show their love for the office and Dr. Kathy! Check out some cool posts from our clients and see what they had to say about Studio City Orthodontist’s services.




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