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How Often You Should Get Your Teeth Cleaned and Why It Matters

We all know-how important it is to see dentist, but what we may not know is how often to see that dentist. In the following article, we will delve into the many benefits of having your teeth cleaned regularly, along with how often should get teeth cleaned to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Why Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned in the First Place?

This may seem like a silly question, but many of us aren’t as diligent as we should be when it comes to our dental health. Months can turn into years, as plaque and bacteria slowly accumulate around our teeth and gums from having neglected dental visits for so long.

So, how do cleanings help? The obvious answer is that routine cleanings will keep plaque and bacteria at bay. By using tools you likely aren’t privy to at home, dentists are able to banish the tartar and other debris you may be unable to reach by yourself.

Moreover, visiting the dentist on a regular basis means the dentist has more opportunities to spot potential problems that could become major, costly dental procedures down the road. By detecting these issues early, dentists can start preventative treatments that can stunt the progression of these problems, saving you both time and headache in the future.

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Most dentists agree that how often should get teeth cleaned be determined by your personal situation. However, the primary rule of thumb is that you should have your teeth cleaned about every six months, which is the equivalent to twice per year.

While some practitioners may disagree on the subject claiming only once a year to be enough, the truth is that seeing your dentist at least twice a year will keep your mouth fresher, healthier and will be more effective at spotting and treating issues early on.

All in all, keeping a clean and healthy mouth is vitally important. Consider seeing your local dentist at least twice a year to keep your oral health at it’s optimum.

Understanding the Basics of Preteen and Teenage Dental Problems

Growing into adulthood is a process of change, both physically and emotionally. For young people, it can be an essential time for trying to look your best. It can also be a time when teenage dental problems first begin to surface.

When teeth grow in out of alignment as children, there is not as much concern because these teeth fall out and make way for adult teeth. However, when adult teeth begin to grow, if they grow in out of alignment, it can be very stressful for a teenager. The largest proportion of orthodontic patients who are looking to correct their teeth structure, teenagers are at the top of the list. Almost 75% of teenagers have some type of orthodontic misalignment. These problems can start to become evident as young as seven years old.

Watching for The Signs of Misaligned Teeth

While some misalignment can be present pre-teen, teenage dental problems are much more noticeable as they enter their early and mid-teenage years. One of the biggest causes of complications can be the late loss of baby teeth. This can cause problems for their adult teeth coming into an already crowded mouth that is filled with permanent teeth that have already grown into place.

When to See an Orthodontist

If your teen shows signs of an overbite, underbite or has misaligned teeth, it’s probably a good idea to get them in for an orthodontic evaluation. The good news is that today’s orthodontics are less invasive, less noticeable, and less expensive than ever before. If caught early, many teenagers can use aligners and low visibility braces for correction, which can be a big help for their self-esteem. If your teenager is showing signs of misaligned teeth, we can help. You can learn more about our specialized orthodontics for teenagers at http://www.orthodontiststudiocity.com/ or give us a call for a consultation appointment.

What Should You Know About Teen Dental

Our teeth are incredibly important parts of our bodies. While they might not be directly interconnected to keeping you alive, such as your heart or brain, your teeth are useful in a number of other ways. We use our teeth to chew and tear our food, preparing it for digestion. We also need our teeth when it comes for forming syllables for speech or facial expressions for any social situation. With that being said, there is an unfortunately large number of people who do not adequately care for their teeth. Thankfully, there are dentists who can help all patients with their teeth. Whether you are searching for a pediatric dentist or a dentist who specializes in teen dental, you will surely find a dentist who can help you out.

What Do Teen Dental Involve?

Being a teenager isn’t a fun experience and most teens can also agree that going to the dentist is equally unappealing. However, when you take your teenager to a dental clinic that specializes in teen dental, you can rest assured knowing that the dental service provided by the dentist are tailored to the needs and feelings of a teenager. This means that the dentist will make an effort to make the trip to the dentist something that even a moody teenager isn’t going to dread. When your teenager isn’t putting up a fuss about going to the dentist, life will be much easier for you and your teen. On top of that, there’s a good chance that when you take your teenager in for teen dental, he or she will end up learning how to take better care of his or her teeth in the process.

Why Should You Visit the Dentist?

Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of any other part of your body. If your teeth are not properly cared for, you can run into issues such as cavities. If you don’t address issues such as misaligned teeth or discolored teeth, your teen might feel embarrassed at school, which is something that nobody wants. By taking your teenager to get specialized teen dental, your teenager will be happier all around.

5 Steps to Teeth Cleaning You Should Know

A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist. If you’re one of them, you probably wait until you’ve got a bad toothache before you make an appointment. Kick that bad habit. Start by getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist. Here’s what you can expect.

Start with a physical exam

A dental hygienist often performs the teeth cleaning, the Healthline explains. Expect the hygienist to examine your entire mouth. Should the exam turn up any signs of gingivitis or potential issues and problems, your hygienist will let your dentist know. Once the dentist gives the go-ahead, then the cleaning will proceed.

Plaque and tartar removal starts

Your dentist will then check your teeth and even around your gum line for tartar and plaque. S/he will begin scraping them off. If you don’t like this part of the teeth cleaning process, then make things easier for your hygienist. Start flossing and brushing more since this will help keep plaque buildup which could lead to tartar deposits.

Cleaning with toothpaste

Once there aren’t any tartar in your teeth anymore, your teeth will be cleaned with a toothpaste. You may find the consistency of the paste gritty. That’s normal. The substance will help polish your teeth more, resulting in brighter, whiter teeth.

Expert flossing

An expert dental care provider knows how to floss your teeth expertly, getting in between teeth and finding trouble areas. They also know how to handle your teeth and gums to prevent injuries and bleeding.

Rinse and apply fluoride

Once all that’s done, you’ll need to rinse to get rid of any debris in your mouth. After that, fluoride is applied to your teeth. This will help protect your pearly whites from cavities for the next few months.

Start taking advantage of the benefits of having your teeth cleaned by an expert. Make an appointment with your dentist the soonest possible.

5 Ways to Find a Dental Care Service

Choosing a dental care service is like choosing a best friend. You want someone you can trust. Here’s how to pull that off.

Consider the distance

Regular visits to your dentist are essential to your dental health. You’ll want to pick one that’s near enough to where you live so you can swing by for your appointments without worries. If you live a bit of a distance away, you could get stuck in traffic or tire of the thought of driving for the better part of an hour. That’s going to make it harder for you to keep your appointments so before anything else, check the location of the dental office, Mouth Healthy says.

Check office hours

Does the clinic’s office hours work with your schedule? How early or late can you book an appointment? Are they available on weekends? You’ll need to consider these details as well when you pick a dental care service.

Ask around

Another way to find a dentist is to take advantage of your network. Reach out to your contacts. Ask them for tips and advice. That’s going to help you get great leads in no time. Combine the names you’ll get with the results you got from your online search for local dental offices near you and you should have enough for a short list of prospects.

Review services

Find out about the services the dental office provides. Do you want teeth cleaning? Do you think you need a cosmetic dentistry procedure? Take a look at the services on offer before you make an appointment.

Meet the dentist

Once you pick one, pay a visit to the dentist. Schedule consultation time. When you meet the staff, observe how they treat you and other clients. Are they polite, informative, and helpful? Are you comfortable with your dentist? Factor these into your decision.

4 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Can Help You m

Not everyone needs a root canal. However, if you’ve got misaligned, discolored or missing teeth, that could affect your self-esteem and confidence levels. Here’s how the right cosmetic dentistry procedure can help.

Change size and shape of teeth

If your teeth are oversized or undersized, then they probably stand out. If you want to change the size of your teeth, you can use porcelain veneers. These are also great for improving the appearance of teeth that’s been damaged by cracks, chips or discoloration, the WisTV says.

Fill up cavities

If you’ve got teeth with large cavities that need to be filled up to prevent further infection and decay, then you’ll want to go for composite fillings. These fillings are the same color as your teeth. That means you won’t have to use silver fillings that stand out and often look unsightly.

Fix gaps in your teeth

Have missing teeth can make it difficult for you to smile. If you’re tired of being self-conscious about gaps in your teeth, then ask a dentist with experience in cosmetic dentistry about dental implants. With implants in place, you’re bound to see a marked improvement in your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Protect weak teeth

If your teeth are already decayed, then they’ll probably be unbearably sensitive. You might need to consider a root canal. Once that’s done, your dentist might also recommend that you get dental crowns. While a root canal saves your teeth, it will also weaken them out. Applying biting pressure on them could result in cracks or fractures. Keep that from happening by getting dental crowns. With crowns to protect your teeth, they’re sure to last you for many, many years.

Enjoy a ton of benefits with the right cosmetic dentistry procedure. Find out which one is ideal for you. Talk to your dentist today.

Lilly Singh of Unicorn Island is Improving Her Smile With Invisalign at Dr. Kathy Kathy’s Studio City Orthodontist

Lilly Singh, one of our favorite internet celebs known as IISuperwomanII has decided to perfect her smile and get Invisalign treatments with Dr. Kathy and Studio City Orthodontist. We are so excited to start working with Lilly and cannot wait to take a trip with her to Unicorn Island!

Check out her Twitter post about the whole Invisalign process here.

We love Lilly and are proud to be part of TeamSuper! She is so funny! Here are some of her tips on how to get things done!


Want to know more about Dr. Kathy and how awesome she is? Read our about us page.

Visit from Maggie Lindemann and Dani Augustt!

Monday was awesome! It was just a few days after JC Caylen & Kian Lawley’s The Halloween bash and people already were wanting to come into Studio City Orthodontist for Invisaling Consultations and organic teeth whitening. We were thrilled that Maggie Lindemann wanted to see us to brighten her teeth with her bestie, Dani Augustt! Lets just say that these 2 ladies were full of laughter and fun. Talking about social media, music, beauty, and the typical occurrences in life.

Sherman Oaks Street Fair

Sherman Oaks Street Fair was an amazing time!

We got to meet so many members of our community. Being a fairly new office, it is hard to get one on one time with people unless they are in the office and seeking treatment. Here, we were able to address pedestrians as they perused the booths. We had music blasting, delicious food and fun times. The best part was that we got to meet the other businesses in the Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Studio City area and tell them why Studio City Orthodontist is the best dental practice in San Fernando Valley! We will definitely do it again next year.

Influencer Monday w/ Trevor Moran, Lindsay Demeola, Michael B Jordan, Beau Peter Brooks and Tory Waligroski

Monday was bonkers! A ton of the celebrity clients stopped by to visit and made the place boiling with energy and laughter.

Michael B Jordan came in to casually see Dr. Kathy who had been a support of his for many years. She did a quick check on those famous pearly whites. We are stoked to see his next film, CREED when it released in theaters.

Lindsay Demeola decided she wanted to get her grill nice and white with our organic teeth whitening. She had this cool idea that she was going to film with JC Caylen, (a Youtuber and patient of ours) for her page but sadly, JC couldn’t make it. Instead she brought her pal Trevor Moran, another Youtuber, to come be a part of the action. Poor Lindsay could not handle the peroxide and kept laughing, causing the solution to get foamy and pour out of her mouth. Mean while Trevor Moran was hanging out and gossiping about his new music video, I wanna Fly and his up coming birthday. We did records for him to start Invisalign treatment along with Viner, Tory Waligroski. Tory has been wanting to visit and get Invisalign for a while and when Zane and Heath told him about us, he finally made the jump.

We took selies and videos and had fun. Then Beau Brooks, an Invisalign patient of ours, came in for an emergency visit. He lost his aligners on his European tour with his group the Janoskians. the Jahoo Jahaa Tour was a huge success with lots of amazing fans, but with all the commotion he lost his last aligner. We were able to surprise him with all other people in the office since they were all friends. We took some picts and had a blast!


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