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Lilly Singh of Unicorn Island is Improving Her Smile With Invisalign at Dr. Kathy Kathy’s Studio City Orthodontist

Lilly Singh, one of our favorite internet celebs known as IISuperwomanII has decided to perfect her smile and get Invisalign treatments with Dr. Kathy and Studio City Orthodontist. We are so excited to start working with Lilly and cannot wait to take a trip with her to Unicorn Island!

Check out her Twitter post about the whole Invisalign process here.

We love Lilly and are proud to be part of TeamSuper! She is so funny! Here are some of her tips on how to get things done!


Want to know more about Dr. Kathy and how awesome she is? Read our about us page.

Visit from Maggie Lindemann and Dani Augustt!

Monday was awesome! It was just a few days after JC Caylen & Kian Lawley’s The Halloween bash and people already were wanting to come into Studio City Orthodontist for Invisaling Consultations and organic teeth whitening. We were thrilled that Maggie Lindemann wanted to see us to brighten her teeth with her bestie, Dani Augustt! Lets just say that these 2 ladies were full of laughter and fun. Talking about social media, music, beauty, and the typical occurrences in life.

Sherman Oaks Street Fair

Sherman Oaks Street Fair was an amazing time!

We got to meet so many members of our community. Being a fairly new office, it is hard to get one on one time with people unless they are in the office and seeking treatment. Here, we were able to address pedestrians as they perused the booths. We had music blasting, delicious food and fun times. The best part was that we got to meet the other businesses in the Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Studio City area and tell them why Studio City Orthodontist is the best dental practice in San Fernando Valley! We will definitely do it again next year.

Influencer Monday w/ Trevor Moran, Lindsay Demeola, Michael B Jordan, Beau Peter Brooks and Tory Waligroski

Monday was bonkers! A ton of the celebrity clients stopped by to visit and made the place boiling with energy and laughter.

Michael B Jordan came in to casually see Dr. Kathy who had been a support of his for many years. She did a quick check on those famous pearly whites. We are stoked to see his next film, CREED when it released in theaters.

Lindsay Demeola decided she wanted to get her grill nice and white with our organic teeth whitening. She had this cool idea that she was going to film with JC Caylen, (a Youtuber and patient of ours) for her page but sadly, JC couldn’t make it. Instead she brought her pal Trevor Moran, another Youtuber, to come be a part of the action. Poor Lindsay could not handle the peroxide and kept laughing, causing the solution to get foamy and pour out of her mouth. Mean while Trevor Moran was hanging out and gossiping about his new music video, I wanna Fly and his up coming birthday. We did records for him to start Invisalign treatment along with Viner, Tory Waligroski. Tory has been wanting to visit and get Invisalign for a while and when Zane and Heath told him about us, he finally made the jump.

We took selies and videos and had fun. Then Beau Brooks, an Invisalign patient of ours, came in for an emergency visit. He lost his aligners on his European tour with his group the Janoskians. the Jahoo Jahaa Tour was a huge success with lots of amazing fans, but with all the commotion he lost his last aligner. We were able to surprise him with all other people in the office since they were all friends. We took some picts and had a blast!


Dancing With The Stars on Hollywood Blvd.



I got to the venue early and found out that the cast was coming later than expected. It sucked as I could have been at home but it was too late and I was there. As I was hanging out, I found some Hayes Grier fans and a Nick Carter fan, waiting eagerly to meet their idols. Thankfully a friend of mine was there who works for Jimmy Kimmel Studios. I caught up with him backstage and ended up watching MuteMouth perform for that night’s Jimmy Kimmel concert. After the show I went to Lucky Strikes to grab a bite of dinner. Then I headed back to Jimmy Kimmel Studios, and went to the green room and hangout for a couple hours and watch TV. Slowly the crew trickled in and got ready for the cast’s arrival. Then the producers came in and had a quick pow-wow to organize the details. My friends Karina and Louis, who are professional dancers on the show introduced me to the cast mates and other pros. I ended up talking with Nick Carter about my experience at his Backstreet Boys’s concert which was a blast from the past. Chatted with Andy Grammer about music and Tamar Braxton-Her on her fashion choices! I was able to talk sports with Derek and catch up with Sasha and Carlos who I have known socially for sometime now. It was an awesome time and the best part is that they had craft services there to make the most delicious food possible. In the end, the event is one for the books and the memories are gonna be for a lifetime.

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Until the next escapade,

Rob Ryan

Dancing With The Stars and Studio City Orthodontist

Fun news readers!

I, Rob, will be going to the El Capitan theatre in Los Angeles tonight to film a dance sequence with the cast of Dancing With The Stars! Crazy. Karina Smirnoff has been an awesome patient of Studio City Orthodontist and when we heard about the dance number, I texted her to congratulate her. She invited me to join the festivities. I can’t wait to write about it in tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned!


Orthodontists vs. Dentists for Invisalign

Dentists or Orthodontists for Invisalign?

Let’s set the record straight about Invisalign practices!

We are blessed to live in an era and country that we have so many choices for every decision that we have to make. But unfortunately, that also means that we can make a lot of wrong decisions. I have witnessed this several times in the last month. In August, I had five patients that are currently undergoing Invisalign treatment in other offices by their general dentists. They came to my practice for second opinions. They all had pretty easy cases and their dentist had suggested that they start Invisalign and they did.

So why were they seeking second opinions? Because after months of treatment, nothing was really changing and in one case, a patient’s teeth looked much worse than they did before treatment started. Of course, to the patient, that meant Invisalign doesn’t really work. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in my opinion, Invisalign works faster and better than braces in most cases and some problems in adult dentition can only be addressed by Invisalign.

So I asked these patients that if they need a plastic surgery procedure done, who would they want to go to? Would they choose to go to their family practitioner that has lower prices or their surgeon? Of course, they all said their plastic surgeon! What about delivering a baby? All the internal medicine practitioners have delivered babies during their training, so why bother going to an OBGYN?

The same argument works for dentists and orthodontists. As an orthodontist, you have to become a dentist first and then go to school for three additional years to receive your orthodontic degree. That is what I did in 1987, and since then I have ONLY treated orthodontic patients. I do not do other procedures, no fillings, no crowns or root canals. All my time and expertise is focused in one area, straightening teeth. Doesn’t that mean that I have so much more experience than a general dentist? Also with Invisalign, I had to almost relearn everything again. Braces and Invisalign both work, but in very different ways. In order to learn how to work with Invisalign, I have had to attend countless hours of continuing education, seminars, and workshops.

So I think having options is great, only if we have the knowledge to evaluate our options objectively. Keep in mind that the quickest, easiest and cheapest is usually not the best way to go. The clear choice is to look for experience and not expense.

braces v. invisalign


Actor Michael B Jordan uses Invisalign to get his perfect smile!

Actor Michael B Jordan uses Invisalign to get his perfect smile!

Studio City Orthodontist and Dancing With The Stars

Studio City  Orthodontist and Dancing With The Stars

Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With The Stars

Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With The Stars

Hey Readers!

We are excited that tomorrow is the announcement of the new cast of Dancing With The Stars. It is funny how we are so close to this season considering we are an Orthodontic practice. First we have to say that we are excited to see Karina Smirnoff, a veteran on the show and patient of ours, return to the ballroom floor. Her moves are great and so is that personality! Then we find out that our friend Hayes Grier is going to be on the new season as a contestant. Crazy as we just met him days before his announcement at the Janoskians Untold and Untrue movie premier where we were supporting our client Beau Brooks and his brothers! Hayes is a cool cat and seems nice, hopefully he has moves to keep him in the game. Soon after Hayes’ announcement, we found out that Carlos Pena-Vega and his wife are joining the cast. Carlos was in a group called Big Time Rush with our patient Kendall Schmidt and is good friends with other frequent visitors of the shop.

Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With The Stars

Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With The Stars

My question is:


Update: They announced Army member, Alek Skarlatos as a contestant! He is 1 of the 3 guys who stopped the Paris train-attack last month. I am proud to see that they are recognizing “celebrities” in various ways. By that I mean that they don’t care about followers, but their contributions to society! I wish they did a season called DWTS: Heroes which would be about various people who have made an impact in their area! Other newly announced celebrities include Kim Z of Housewives of Orange County, actor Gary Busey, reality star and R&B singer Toni Braxton!

We are excited to see how the contestants do when the season begins!

-Rob Ryan


Judgment and Acceptance!

So recently, I had a “Patient Appreciation” party in my backyard for all the patients that have started their Invisalign treatment in our office since the office opened in January 2015. I spent a lot of time, planning all the details and it paid off. The backyard looked great, the food was great, but most importantly, the vibe was amazing. Everybody was having a great time and we took lots of pictures and posted them on our website. However, there was this one picture that I took at the end of the night with all the caterers for the party that was my favorite picture of the day. It was a spare of the moment pose and it took 5 seconds to take and it came out great. But when it came to posting this one, I was really hesitant. I did not think it was an “Orthodontist Looking” picture. It looked too playful and fun. Orthodontist are supposed to be serious and concise. I was afraid of the judgment and thought people may not take me seriously and may not trust my image and that would definitely be bad for business. I had a flash back to my first years of practice. When I looked too young to be a doctor and I would try to look older by wearing glasses and pantyhose every day!!! So glad those days are over! But it seemed like feeling of being judged was still there.

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I was getting. Why are people so judgmental? Why do we think that all the orthodontist should look alike? Do all the artists look alike? Where does all this judgment come from? And that is when it hit me. Judgment comes from inside. I am feeling that way because I am judging myself, despite my yogi way of life. Everyday of my life, I am trying to get closer to a yogi state of mind and practice universal love and stay away from judgments. But the truth is that its much easier to do that for other people than for yourself. Our insecurities will seep through so easily and play tricks on us. Its not about other people, its about ME. Maybe my life is not a stereotypical orthodontist life. Well, I don’t play golf or tennis, I don’t belong to a country club, I am very liberal on my ideology. But I was also on a full scholarship for my dental school and graduated top of my class. I have treated thousands of patients in the past 20 years and have immensely enjoyed doing it. So I am going to stop thinking like I need to fit in a certain mold to be taken seriously. I will never wear fake glasses or panty hose again!!! I will continue to put myself out there and live my life the way I like to live it and stop Judging Myself. That is when I will stop thinking and feeling like I need to belong, and that is when more spectacular things will happen to me. I will try to replace the fear with love and attract more like minded people into my life and my practice. SO I hope you like the picture.

8/12 Jansen Baker & Harold!

What a day! We were busy with consultations today. While informing guests about our services and how we can help their needs with Invislign, we were making other local Studio City, North Hollywood and DTLA folks pearly white! Jansen Baker, an actor and producer stopped by after hearing all about us on Instagram and social media. He is gearing up for the premiers of his latest films. One is a teen flick called Summer Forever which has his staring along side Nickelodeon star, Meghan Nicole; Viner, Cody Johns; celebrity dancer, Alyson Stoner and many more! Then Harold, a follower of ours on Instagram, hit us up with a big request. His wedding is in 3 days and he wants to look his best. He came in for a Zoom treatment and left very happy! Can’t wait to see the wedding picts to see how amazing his teeth will look.


-Rob Ryan




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