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Vanderpump Rules

 We are excited to announce that we sponsored an event for Friend Movement, an anti-bullying and equal opportunity charity. This special event took place during LA Pride in the heart of West Hollywood and was hosted by the queen of WeHo, Lisa Vanderpump, star of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  It was a pleasure meeting the entire cast of the show at Sur Lounge and getting to talk about getting them hooked up with Invisalign and teeth whitening treatments. Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney stole our hearts with their positive attitudes and beauty! Can’t wait to have them stop by the office. Lisa was stately and sweet and was kind enough to pose with us on the red carpet for press! Catch Dr. Kathy and Rob on the latest season of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo!
sherman oaks orthodontistorthodontist sherman oaks

Invisalign Studio City

We support local- Studio City has world class dining, nightlife, and shopping.  It is a vibrant cultural hub.  The  neighborhoods, the people and quality of life is like no other place on earth.  The best place in LA!  We love to support local business.  We go to local farmers markets and load up on produce.  Whenever we needs a service personally or professionally, we shop Studio City.  We love to give back and mingle in the city.  We like to build strong economic and social relationships and contribute to local causes.

If you don’t live in Studio City, thats okay, come on by to the best place on earth!

Check out Invisalign Studio City http://www.orthodontiststudiocity.com/

About Dr K and Invisalign

I opened an Invisalign only office because I believe so much in Invisalign.  I have seen so many success stories and have treated some many patients, I will never go back to braces.  Braces are so outdated!  They are expensive, inconvenient and not nice.  Invisalign uses a series of invisible, comfortable and removable aligners.  You can eat and drink what you like while using Invisalign.  Just remove them!  You dont need to change your dental routine either by spending what adds up to hours of extra time, cleaning inbetween metal wires and brackets.  They dont pose a health hazard like braces.  If a teen is using braces, it puts them at a risk for more dental complications as metal cuts the mouth.  I believe Invisalign is more suitable to treat all the malocclusions, as I have seen the results first hand.  As a bonus the treatment time for Invisalign is shorter than braces and the best part is that they are virtually INVISIBLE.  People dont even know your wearing them and you go about your life while straightening your teeth for better health and a better smile.     http://www.orthodontiststudiocity.com/invisalign-sherman-oaks/


Invisalign Studio City

Invisalign has come so far in the last three years.  Its manufacturer, Align Technology was founded in 1997.  Invisalign was approved by the FDA a year later.  By 2001, 75% of the 8,500 orthodontist in America were trained in Invisalign technology.  From 2002 to ‘04, Invisalign grew from 80,000 patients to 175,000!  In 2005, Harvard Dental School made it a requirement for orthodontic students to be certified in Invisalign.  In 2012 there were 2 million Invisalign patients.  At Studio City Orthodontist, we are the first ever exclusively Invisalign office in the country.  People from all over the world come to see Dr Kathy for there Invisalign treatment.



Being Green has always been part of my life!

If you are green too then you know what I’m talking about.   If your not, here are some things that may help you make the change!

Its practical- California gives tax credits and incentives to businesses that go green.  The emissions thing is a big deal and some of the biggest companies are going green to help the environment and comply with state standards.  The gov can give you a tax credit up to 30% on solar panels.

It reduces waste– less waste means least money and more efficiency. Trimming the fat decreases operating costs.  Turning off lights and limiting water consumption are simple but effective changes you can make.   Save money by refilling ink cartridges.   Use less paper!  Less printed materials and going digital can really save money.  Instead of flyers, try some SEO.

Buy green materials– they use less chemicals and don’t cause health problems that synthetics do. Going green is starting to really gain popularity so jump on the band wagon!

Here at Studio City Orthodontist, we have an all green office.  We use an all digital X-ray machine; it cost less and is more efficient.  The wood in our office is all reclaimed wood.  Our plumbing is WaterSense certified, using a fraction of what regular plumbing fixtures use.  We use all eco friendly stains and paints.  We are paperless, digital and EnergyStar certified.

Come in for a free coffee when your in the area!




Why the New Office?


Invisalign Orthodontist

After being an orthodontist for 19 years, the technical aspects of my job had become more or less routine. I need to be intrigued and inspired and to love my job, and along came, “Invisalign”. In reality, Invisalign has been in the market for about 13 years, but for the past 3 years the technological sophistication of the software has skyrocketed. I tried treating some cases with Invisalign about 6 years ago, but was not impressed by the detailing capabilities for the final smile. It was not possible to do most of the complicated tooth movements. So I decided Invisalign Does NOT work. It was not until a very persuasive young rep, (despite the fact that I had ignored all his phone calls and emails) showed up at my office, that I changed my mind. He persuaded me to go to an all day seminar and hear about all the advances that have been made in the software, I was truly blown away. All of a sudden I was getting excited about my job again. All the new possibilities of moving teeth by designing the transitions on the software, was waking up the NERD in me again. So I decided to go to all the seminars, and continuing education courses available to learn how much was really possible with Invisalign. I started collaborating my treatment plans for my patients with two of the most respected and experienced Invisalign providers, one in Southern California and one in Toronto. What I learned was that most of the cases can be treated with Invisalign. In the beginning some cases may need additional auxiliaries to facilitate difficult movements for a very short time, but very soon after that the patient can finish the case with Invisalign. My left brain was very excited again. At the same time, as I was educating my patients about Invisalign and was treating more and more cases, the mood in the office started changing. Most of the teenagers and majority of adults are never excited about wearing braces. They do not like the esthetics, it is very difficult to keep up with oral hygiene and the dietary restrictions are numerous, there is also the issue of the broken wire and emergency visits. None of these problems, exist with Invisalign. I was very excited to give that news to my patients. All of a sudden, the energy in the consultation room was about relief, that there is an easy solution to a better smile.

After my cases started finishing with the exactness that I strive for, I decided that “I am all in!” I have to have my own Exclusively Invisalign Office. That is the story of Studio City Orthodontist. Now I could get my right brain involved too. I wanted to design an office that reflects my taste, philosophy and energy. All the details, from the two tone, ultra soft leather chairs that give you massage (that I picked with my 10 year old son, at a Dental Convention), to the size of the font in the business cards and the kind of plants in my little zen garden I needed, became my passion. Since I was building the office, I decided to do all the right things that needed to be done for the environment too. A good friend of mine, who is a Green consultant, helped us plan for everything from recycling the rainwater, to using reclaimed wood in our construction, are among the multiple features that will make us LEED certified. We also decided to be a paperless office, all of our forms and documents will be digital. Speaking of digital, we also purchased an Itero machine. Itero scans the patients teeth, and eliminates the need for taking impressions and messy molds. We will have a teenage lounge with chargers and props for taking pictures in our photo corner, so your children can even take more Selfies!

But the most important part of this project, was how I have shared everything with my two kids. I lost my husband when my son was 5 months old and my daughter was four and a half. Being a single mom to two small grieving children and not losing the battle has been an amazing growth experience. Overcoming all of these challenges, have brought us so close together, when my kids see me focused, inspired and hard at work, they are reminded, that nothing comes easy. If you have a vision, and you are confident, you can make plans and with every new day you will move closer to finally hit your goal. The tricky part is not to judge yourself for the mistakes you make along the way, learn the lessons, regroup and still move forward. I have been sharing the ups and downs of this project with them and have tried to teach them that the only limits that they have, are the ones that they set for themselves. It has been an empowering experience.

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