September 11, 2015 OrthoSC

Dancing With The Stars on Hollywood Blvd.



I got to the venue early and found out that the cast was coming later than expected. It sucked as I could have been at home but it was too late and I was there. As I was hanging out, I found some Hayes Grier fans and a Nick Carter fan, waiting eagerly to meet their idols. Thankfully a friend of mine was there who works for Jimmy Kimmel Studios. I caught up with him backstage and ended up watching MuteMouth perform for that night’s Jimmy Kimmel concert. After the show I went to Lucky Strikes to grab a bite of dinner. Then I headed back to Jimmy Kimmel Studios, and went to the green room and hangout for a couple hours and watch TV. Slowly the crew trickled in and got ready for the cast’s arrival. Then the producers came in and had a quick pow-wow to organize the details. My friends Karina and Louis, who are professional dancers on the show introduced me to the cast mates and other pros. I ended up talking with Nick Carter about my experience at his Backstreet Boys’s concert which was a blast from the past. Chatted with Andy Grammer about music and Tamar Braxton-Her on her fashion choices! I was able to talk sports with Derek and catch up with Sasha and Carlos who I have known socially for sometime now. It was an awesome time and the best part is that they had craft services there to make the most delicious food possible. In the end, the event is one for the books and the memories are gonna be for a lifetime.

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Rob Ryan

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