October 1, 2015 OrthoSC

Influencer Monday w/ Trevor Moran, Lindsay Demeola, Michael B Jordan, Beau Peter Brooks and Tory Waligroski

Monday was bonkers! A ton of the celebrity clients stopped by to visit and made the place boiling with energy and laughter.

Michael B Jordan came in to casually see Dr. Kathy who had been a support of his for many years. She did a quick check on those famous pearly whites. We are stoked to see his next film, CREED when it released in theaters.

Lindsay Demeola decided she wanted to get her grill nice and white with our organic teeth whitening. She had this cool idea that she was going to film with JC Caylen, (a Youtuber and patient of ours) for her page but sadly, JC couldn’t make it. Instead she brought her pal Trevor Moran, another Youtuber, to come be a part of the action. Poor Lindsay could not handle the peroxide and kept laughing, causing the solution to get foamy and pour out of her mouth. Mean while Trevor Moran was hanging out and gossiping about his new music video, I wanna Fly and his up coming birthday. We did records for him to start Invisalign treatment along with Viner, Tory Waligroski. Tory has been wanting to visit and get Invisalign for a while and when Zane and Heath told him about us, he finally made the jump.

We took selies and videos and had fun. Then Beau Brooks, an Invisalign patient of ours, came in for an emergency visit. He lost his aligners on his European tour with his group the Janoskians. the Jahoo Jahaa Tour was a huge success with lots of amazing fans, but with all the commotion he lost his last aligner. We were able to surprise him with all other people in the office since they were all friends. We took some picts and had a blast!


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