August 13, 2015 OrthoSC

Judgment and Acceptance!

So recently, I had a “Patient Appreciation” party in my backyard for all the patients that have started their Invisalign treatment in our office since the office opened in January 2015. I spent a lot of time, planning all the details and it paid off. The backyard looked great, the food was great, but most importantly, the vibe was amazing. Everybody was having a great time and we took lots of pictures and posted them on our website. However, there was this one picture that I took at the end of the night with all the caterers for the party that was my favorite picture of the day. It was a spare of the moment pose and it took 5 seconds to take and it came out great. But when it came to posting this one, I was really hesitant. I did not think it was an “Orthodontist Looking” picture. It looked too playful and fun. Orthodontist are supposed to be serious and concise. I was afraid of the judgment and thought people may not take me seriously and may not trust my image and that would definitely be bad for business. I had a flash back to my first years of practice. When I looked too young to be a doctor and I would try to look older by wearing glasses and pantyhose every day!!! So glad those days are over! But it seemed like feeling of being judged was still there.

The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I was getting. Why are people so judgmental? Why do we think that all the orthodontist should look alike? Do all the artists look alike? Where does all this judgment come from? And that is when it hit me. Judgment comes from inside. I am feeling that way because I am judging myself, despite my yogi way of life. Everyday of my life, I am trying to get closer to a yogi state of mind and practice universal love and stay away from judgments. But the truth is that its much easier to do that for other people than for yourself. Our insecurities will seep through so easily and play tricks on us. Its not about other people, its about ME. Maybe my life is not a stereotypical orthodontist life. Well, I don’t play golf or tennis, I don’t belong to a country club, I am very liberal on my ideology. But I was also on a full scholarship for my dental school and graduated top of my class. I have treated thousands of patients in the past 20 years and have immensely enjoyed doing it. So I am going to stop thinking like I need to fit in a certain mold to be taken seriously. I will never wear fake glasses or panty hose again!!! I will continue to put myself out there and live my life the way I like to live it and stop Judging Myself. That is when I will stop thinking and feeling like I need to belong, and that is when more spectacular things will happen to me. I will try to replace the fear with love and attract more like minded people into my life and my practice. SO I hope you like the picture.

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