Being a teenager is not easy. So why should going to the dentist be like that? Well here, at Studio City Orthodontist, Dr. Kathy and her team go out of their way to make your visits as pleasant, and even fun, as possible.

We offer dental treatments designed specifically for teens. Braces? Ha! We offer Invisalign Teen, a popular new alternative to the old fashioned painful and ugly way of straightening your teeth.

Before we can straighten your teeth, we had to have had models. It used to be that you would put a tray of goop in your mouth for what seemed like eternity to get a good imprint of your teeth. Now we have iTero. With this technology, we can take super high resolution pictures to get your teeth straightening solution as precise as possible.

As a teenager, it is important to maintain your dental health, not just because you want a nice smile, but so you don’t have to eat your meals through a straw when you’re older. Remember, Dr. Kathy is here for all of your dental needs and to make you feel good about yourself and your smile.

Teens will love our Selfie-Room!

  • They have their own lounge, so they don’t have to be seen with their parents (god forbid)
  • We have a personal Hoverboard (must sign a waiver) to play with
  • There is a Selfie Station with props
  • A mini fridge with snacks
  • A charging station.

You and your teen won’t want to leave! You can’t sleep over, but you can always pop by for a coffee or lemonade when you are in the area.

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