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“So, I came back for a teeth whitening treatment. Once again, I love this place. The office is cool, the staff is fun and the experience is amazing. Check them out if you have any concerns about your teeth! #BestPlaceEver” – Lourdes Gonzales

“I started coming here for invisalign after seeing them on instagram. They are amazing! Always making me feel welcome and right at home. My treatment is almost over and it’s been easy peasy! The entire staff is always courteous and professional. I’m so glad I found them” – Camilla Salvetti

“I have always wanted to do something to straighten my teeth but I hated the idea of traditional braces and I didn’t have extra money the drop on Invisalign. Thankfully, Dr. Kathy Shafagh and the staff over at Studio City Orthodontist helped me explore every finaincial option that was available to me. Now I’m happily moving forward with my treatment and comfortably making payments for my new smile. I would totally recommend this office for anyone considering Invisalign! It’s the BEST!” – Chloe Mondesir

“Studio City Orthodontist is great! I had been thinking about getting Invisalign for a while and I am so happy I finally decided to do it. Dr. Kathy and her staff made the entire process easy, quick and efficient. Dr. Kathy is honest and straightforward and gives you a recommendation about your teeth with no pressure and no upsell.  The office is modern and beautiful but without the attitude. If you are thinking about finally getting your teeth fixed, go to Studio City Orthodontist!” – Tara Jones

“I just started my Invisalign journey with Dr. Kathy and her great staff and pleasing, convenient location.  At 56, its never too late to have the teeth that I deserve. Braces were never on my parents radar. And, every decade of my adult life, since my twenties I went for one or two orthodontic consultations. I was scared away by traditional treatment wanted to break my jaw and extract four teeth. But, without orthodontic treatment I face a future of expense and pain. I immediately felt confident in the Invisalign treatment plan and Dr. Kathy’s experience, knowledge and concern for her patients. I am only four trays into my treatment at the time of writing this, and have 37 more to go. I invested into Acceledent to cut my treatment time down.” -Linda M.

“When I saw my wedding pictures, I knew I had to do something about my smile. Guys, my teeth are super crooked and crowded so my smile is narrow and kind of awkward. I wanted that wide, straight, and gorgeous Hollywood smile, I’m not going to lie! This was always a persistent insecurity since I never had braces as a kid to fix my teeth. Now that I am able to afford them on my own, I looked high and low for the best orthodontist in Los Angeles for Invisalign. I even made appointments in Orange County but found the distance unmanageable since I work full time. I found Dr. Kathy Shafagh after having gone with a top 1% provider initially, which left me feeling less than satisfied. It’s the West LA office with the fish tank and husband/wife practice. I’d steer clear of them, but I digress. Needless to say, I’m super happy to have found this practice. Their office is beautiful and state of the art. More importantly to me, it is how they treat their patients. Dr. S seems to really care about her work and I found her to be super positive, energetic, and generous. I’m thrilled to be starting my Invisalign treatment here” -Katie Tran

“I had bad teeth since I was little its something that run in my family, when you come from a poor country and it is hard to find a dentist, and from not eating healthy and I have a bad habit socking on my bottom lips 🙁 One day I decided to see and orthodontist to help me be more confident and help me having a smile on my face one day… To be happy No one referred me to that place I did a walk in and ask information about Invisalign the same day they took care of me, I got approved for the care credit, the facility is modern and up to date on technological advancements. I feel very comfortable friendly staff, little to no wait, and Dr. Kathy is professional and informative. I had great experience, I always feel very comfortable during my appointments! I highly recommend this place if you need orthodontist treatment and scared of having pain like me. I always had bad experience at the dentist, Dr. Kathy make feel comfortable, so far I’m satisfied, I will keep my followers on YouTube  posted making videos and send pictures showing my teeth before and after trough my journey… Thanks a lot doctor Kathy and to your amazing staff 🙂 I had a workout shirt from them “Unbrace Yourself ” I loveeee it … I can’t wait to see my teeth straight !!!! I’m so excited like a little kid who want ice cream can’t wait 😉 Dr Kathy thank God I found you!!! Thanks for being nice, patient and gentle. You are one of the kind.” -Syndia A.

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