So why are attachments needed?

Over the past 13 years, Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, have learned that some tooth movements would not occur with just the plastic aligner pushing on the teeth. Through research and development and their teams of engineers, they have designed “attachments” that are placed on the teeth in a strategic position and with a specific design to move that tooth in the direction that was treatment planned by the doctor. These “attachments” are placed using a tooth colored composite resin, similar to what is used to place traditional braces on the teeth. These are removed at the end of the aligner therapy very easily with a polishing tool and no damage is done to the teeth.

Are they really necessary?

To obtain the desired results in the final positions of the teeth, strategically placed attachments are necessary. Without certain types of attachments, the results from the Invisalign aligners would not be ideal. Most patients want the best results from their orthodontic treatment and understand that attachments are much less invasive than traditional braces and wires. Make sure to talk with your doctor during your Invisalign consultation about the attachments and where you can expect them on your teeth. A Los Angeles Invisalign provider that has the experience and background in treating a significant number of cases will be able to tell you the most likely teeth that will need these attachments.

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